Thursday, 7 July 2016

Why I Hate Shopping

You walk into Primark knowing you have to walk out with the necessary clothes for the Summer you came in for. Ok... maybe a couple of T-shirts, a pair of shorts and some sunglasses will do the job. You start to walk round the shop, trying not to bump into a flowing mass of fat women in leggings who savage the bargain rack like a pack of feisty hyenas. You speed walk straight for the T shirts. Ok... these T-shirts look pretty decent. Oh. They are see-through. Why would you even bother to make a see-through T-shirt?! This one isn't see-through, this will do. You then make your way to the shorts as quick as you can but some screaming child runs in your way, making your ears sore as the child's mother and father scream at the child 'Tyler! Tyler come back now! No! Put it back! Come here!' in voices which are certainly not the queen's English. Once you finally get to the shorts you become undecided about what shorts to get because there are so many varieties. I mean, how many different shorts do you need?! You finally settle on the rather funky looking ones then head to the sunglasses which you think should be easy enough to pick. But yet again, you don't know if you should go for the blue ones or the green ones or the round ones but you finally settle on the blue ones after a great deal of debate inside your head. You then realize you need a nice new shirt or blouse so you head to the shirt and blouse section and see one you sort of like but realize it costs an extra £5 than the rest of the shirts so you see the cheaper ones and decide you will just go for the cheaper one because at this stage you are getting tired and worn out after all this shopping and can't wait to just get out of the shop. So you go to the queue and see the long line of people waiting to pay and you think you could be there for as long as it would take to travel the whole length of the River Nile.

And that is why I don't like shopping. It's not a very pleasant experience. I know Primark isn't the loveliest of places and I only shop there when I need the necessary cheap clothes. Shopping is tiresome for me, I can go 10 minutes in a shop until I get utterly bored and tired out of my mind. However, I know that many of my friends very much enjoy shopping and the whole experience that goes with it. The other day two friends and I went into town after school and one of my friends desperately wanted to go into Primark. My friend ended up spending about £40. We were in there for about an hour. She went round the whole shop, casually picking up quite a few clothing items, not even bothering to look at the price tag. And there I was with a lone pair of 90p flip flops. 

I had enough money on me, it's just I didn't really feel the need to get a load of clothes I probably wouldn't wear... and I wasn't really feeling the 'shopping vibe'. I think that the whole shopping experience is all a bit boring for me especially when I'm shopping for clothes or boring necessities i.e. supermarket food shopping which probably bores most people to be honest. In some cases however, shopping is actually alright i.e. when your with your friends because when your with your friends your having a laugh instead of just looking at items in a shop. Also, I'm rubbish at making executive decisions which makes it a lot harder for me to pick the item I want if I need to get an item because in this consumer world there is an awful lot of choice. Which can be good and bad. If we didn't have choice then everything would be plain and boring but with the large amount of choice comes unnecessary competition, comparison and difficult decisions. Sometimes when I'm shopping I will just say '**** it' and buy the lot or just buy whatever I have to without thinking about it otherwise it gets too complicated.

Is consumerism ruining us all?
And then there is the question 'is consumerism ruining us all?' to think about. Are we all just being brainwashed into buying unnecessary things we see in adverts on TV? Buying these goods only benefit the big businesses on top who make tonnes and tonnes of money by selling us things we don't really need. But then you could argue that it is nice to buy these goods which perhaps provide us with pleasure etc but these big companies are using us as consumers to gain profit and expand globally... they don't really want us to gain happiness from the goods they sell, they just want us to buy them so they can make a profit. You have seen the adverts on the TV which scream at you 'buy me!' and make you feel as if you should be buying this and that but then another advert comes up and says they are better than the other product you just saw... consumerism is just complicating everything and making us perhaps confused, brainwashed or just trapped in a world where people are constantly shoving new consumer items into our faces saying 'buy this'. We can't escape the TV adverts or the billboard posters which advertise MacDonald's or whatever it is so we just do what we are told and buy and consume and become conformists to a consumer world. And that annoys me... just to know that big businesses are making large amounts of money because people are being brainwashed into buying their products and knowing that many people will just follow the crowd and buy all these big branded products annoys me.

Anyway... Going back to my thoughts on shopping... I think shopping can be alright but most of the time it's quite dreadful. I sometimes like buying and owning new things but it's just the whole idea of consumerism and the process of getting the items in the first place which I don't like. What do you think about shopping? Do you love it or hate it? Comment below.