Friday, 19 August 2016

A Rant About Plane Journeys

Plane journeys. in my opinion, really aren't that amazing. Actually, I don't think there's anything amazing about them at all. What is there to like about being squashed like a sardine, into an uncomfortable seat in a tin can for long hours, experiencing so many irritating and exasperating things that could potentially drive you mad?

After getting on the plane, dragging your heavy hand luggage across the aisle you can finally take a seat and relax after a very exhausting few hours walking around an airport, having security checks and waiting in long queues. However, your time relaxing in your seat only lasts as long as the time to realize that you are going to be stuck in this seat for the next few unbelievably dull and protracting hours. And then you see who exactly you have the good fortune of sitting next to. It really could be anyone. An over protective mother with a screaming baby or some idiot who snores as loud as an air horn and has teeth like a burnt out fuse box. I think the most nightmarish person to be sat next to would be someone who looks and acts like Jabba the Hutt. 

Then come the fretting emergency demonstrations which suggest that there is actually a good chance the plane could crash. Let's face it, if the plane is going to crash a safety jacket and an oxygen mask isn't really going to save you. An emergency exit wouldn't either really because if you jumped out as the plane was heading to the ground to crash then chances are you would fall to your death unless a massive inflatable was waiting for you on the ground. It's at the point when your watching the safety demonstrations that you realize you probably shouldn't have watched 'Final Destination' or read about the Busby Babes crash... And then comes the take off where you suck vigorously at a sweet and then you are officially travelling in a gigantic metal bird. After takeoff you try and enjoy the journey, go on electronic devices, read, eat or sleep.

But there are many distractions, noises and irritating things going on around you in a plane. People coughing and sneezing, screaming babies, children kicking your chair and people snoring are the main ones. And then there is the plane itself which makes an awful lot of terrifying racket. It almost sounds like there is something wrong with the plane's engine... it's like a strange mechanical hiccuping sound. I find that the best way to pass the time on a plane is to watch a downloaded sitcom but you will probably find it hard to hear the sitcom due to the frequent noise of the plane and the people on it which includes the hostesses asking people if they want tea, coffee or a packet of mini cheddars. And this brings me to the food. In my opinion, the food on a plane usually looks like something which has been mushed up in a bucket. It's a mix between the classic old school dinners and the stodgy left over's from last nigh't meal. And even if the food tastes somewhat decent, you still have children who sneeze or make irritating noises and even run down the aisle. But behind the children are the parents and when parent's don't control their offspring this completely infuriates me. 

And finally, my worst hate of planes is turbulence. I've had a few bad experiences with plane turbulence. One flight I was on had such bad turbulence that people were screaming, holding each other's hands in hope that the plane would land safely and physically trying not to be sick. There was one moment when the lights dimmed down and everyone on the plane went silent, the only noise you could hear being the sound of the plane making little beeps and mechanical ticks.You hear about planes crashing or going missing every now and then on the news, and even though you know that travelling by plane is the safest form of travel, you still think about the possibility that something very unfortunate could happen to the plane you are on. But the chances are ever so small and thousands and thousands of planes safely come and go every day. But it's still such a sigh of relief when the plane lands and you get the feeling that you are quite frankly glad to be alive.

I recently went on a rather nice, interesting holiday and I must say that the flight there and back were the best couple of flights I've ever had. They were actually quite relaxing. There were still the few annoyances but nonetheless it was actually alright and there was only a small bit of turbulence. I still don't particularly like plane journeys. I don't really find any satisfaction from being on a plane. Ok, the idea of being able to travel in the air to another country miles away is truly remarkable but I hate having to be stuck, sat in a seat for hours (I'm a rather energetic person), experiencing turbulence and irritating calamities. After a plane journey, the holiday better be something special! What do you think about plane journeys? Please do leave a comment. 

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  1. Haha! I think same. I completely agree with you!