Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Live From the Sixth Form Common Room

Sat here in the common room, next to my good friends eating a bourbon biscuit. Lovely. Don't really have anything to write about so I just thought I would 'report live' from the Sixth Form common room.

oops...I seem to have lost the front cover of 'The Great Gatsby'... English Lit teacher won't be too pleased.

Girl called Jemma just walked into the room. Thought she had moved schools. My friend keeps saying 'Is that Jemma?! Thought she moved schools!?'. I reply 'well it doesn't look like it!'. Just finished my hot drink. Bummer. My friend is trying to finish her chemistry homework. Lucky me hasn't got any work. Well...there is that essay I could be doing... Girls on far right of the room keep laughing at something like a bunch of wild banshees. My friend is trying to do her work for goodness sake! I keep talking to her distracting her too though... hehe. Two people are having a rather hilarious argument in the corner of the room. A fight could kick off. Also, someone just told me that a few girls got in trouble after going to Tescos in their double study period this morning. Your not allowed to go out of school during study periods (which is stupid, I think we should be allowed out). Everyone is saying that they think the girls are currently getting shouted at in the deputy head's office because we all haven't seen them since they came back from their outing carrying 5 Tesco bags full of food and drink.

And that's the news from the sixth form common room.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

I Could Have Been on TV

As part of Bitesize's GCSE mentoring programme, the BBC were looking for students who had previously done their GCSEs to give advice to this year's GCSE students. I applied. And I got a call from a lovely woman who went by the name of Sarah Jane. I had an interview over the phone. An awful lot of questions were asked. I said that I would love to mentor this year's GCSE students and give them my help and advice. I said my key bit of advice is not to stress and not to panic. 'It's not worth the stress' I had said. She seemed more than delighted over the phone, especially when we had a good laugh about a funny exam story I had told her. She seemed more than pleased with me and my rather relaxed attitude. She said that I could be on TV and possibly the radio. She said I could expect a call back in two weeks.

It's now been two weeks.

Where's my call back!? It's utterly shambolic I say! I don't really see why they wouldn't call me back. It's all rather disappointing. I guess there must have been better candidates for the job. Fair enough BBC... although I think you should have given me a call. I wish the successful candidates the best of luck. I guess I shall not be on TV just yet. Perhaps I'll get another chance sooner or later.

Sixth Form

Update: Sixth form is no different from GCSEs. There's a bit more independence. I can now use the sixth form common room. Brilliant. I'm doing the subjects I actually want to do. Really brilliant. No more stupid science or monotonous maths. Now getting the bus to school. Top-notch. Have met some new people who have joined the sixth form. Lovely. The work load is not as bad as I thought it would be. A few more essays. But more time to do the work. Smashing. Overall, it's not a huge shock to the system. It's not much of a step up at all.

The Summer Holiday

Forgot to post this ages ago when the summer had ended...

Ten whole weeks of summer Holiday. Blimey. That's an awful long summer isn't it? The thing is though, now that I'm at the end of it, it doesn't seem long at all. If anything, it feels like it has been a relatively short holiday. How I wish the holiday could go on for a few more weeks. After completing my GCSEs I felt like I really had to make the most of these holidays and make it a summer I couldn't forget. The first week I have to admit I was lazy. I didn't do a lot. Then all of a sudden I decided to get off my buttocks and do something with my summer. I got a job, I went abroad, I met up with old friends, I made new friends and I gained new hobbies.

Now, at the end of this holiday I am just starting to realize that I have a very big change right around the corner. A-levels. Oh how I can't wait for A-levels to commence. GCSEs were fine and hardly stressful at all, I went and got my results the other day and I was pleasantly surprised with my grades. But A-levels is when the work steps it up a whole new level. Am I even ready for A-levels? Perhaps not. It will be a definite shock after GCSEs and the nice relaxing summer holiday, a bit like having a fish slapped across your face multiple times but at the same time the fish is shouting at you 'welcome to the harsh reality of Sixth Form!' (yes, I know fish can't talk).