Tuesday, 22 November 2016

I Could Have Been on TV

As part of Bitesize's GCSE mentoring programme, the BBC were looking for students who had previously done their GCSEs to give advice to this year's GCSE students. I applied. And I got a call from a lovely woman who went by the name of Sarah Jane. I had an interview over the phone. An awful lot of questions were asked. I said that I would love to mentor this year's GCSE students and give them my help and advice. I said my key bit of advice is not to stress and not to panic. 'It's not worth the stress' I had said. She seemed more than delighted over the phone, especially when we had a good laugh about a funny exam story I had told her. She seemed more than pleased with me and my rather relaxed attitude. She said that I could be on TV and possibly the radio. She said I could expect a call back in two weeks.

It's now been two weeks.

Where's my call back!? It's utterly shambolic I say! I don't really see why they wouldn't call me back. It's all rather disappointing. I guess there must have been better candidates for the job. Fair enough BBC... although I think you should have given me a call. I wish the successful candidates the best of luck. I guess I shall not be on TV just yet. Perhaps I'll get another chance sooner or later.


  1. Being on Tv is not for everyone :) But I'm sure it would have been fun.

    1. Yeah it would have been a lot of fun, I would have loved to have been on TV.