Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Summer Holiday

Forgot to post this ages ago when the summer had ended...

Ten whole weeks of summer Holiday. Blimey. That's an awful long summer isn't it? The thing is though, now that I'm at the end of it, it doesn't seem long at all. If anything, it feels like it has been a relatively short holiday. How I wish the holiday could go on for a few more weeks. After completing my GCSEs I felt like I really had to make the most of these holidays and make it a summer I couldn't forget. The first week I have to admit I was lazy. I didn't do a lot. Then all of a sudden I decided to get off my buttocks and do something with my summer. I got a job, I went abroad, I met up with old friends, I made new friends and I gained new hobbies.

Now, at the end of this holiday I am just starting to realize that I have a very big change right around the corner. A-levels. Oh how I can't wait for A-levels to commence. GCSEs were fine and hardly stressful at all, I went and got my results the other day and I was pleasantly surprised with my grades. But A-levels is when the work steps it up a whole new level. Am I even ready for A-levels? Perhaps not. It will be a definite shock after GCSEs and the nice relaxing summer holiday, a bit like having a fish slapped across your face multiple times but at the same time the fish is shouting at you 'welcome to the harsh reality of Sixth Form!' (yes, I know fish can't talk).

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