Monday, 12 December 2016

School Newspaper Disaster

Started a school newspaper with little success. It was all a bit disastrous. The thing is, with a school newspaper you can't really say anything bad about the school. I did not take any notice of this. Me and a friend wrote a few slightly shocking yet quite frankly hilarious articles. We tried to sell the paper around the school for 30p but that didn't really work as no body bought it. So on Friday we decided we would stick the papers round school for everyone to see, free of charge. We even stuck one on the reception board. Everyone was bound to see it when it was stuck there. You couldn't possibly miss it. What was I thinking?! you may ask... well, let's just say I'm a bit of a rebel.

It's now Monday and I'm sat here feeling like the most rebellious person in the school. This morning I had to spend half an hour in the deputy head's office. Yep, he didn't like the newspaper. And neither did the head teacher. The deputy head said I was lucky I wasn't facing a detention with the head teacher. I just sat there with an air of cool nonchalance as the deputy explained, or should I say, shouted about how the newspaper was quite outrageous and that I never had official permission to publish it. I explained I did (because I did)... next thing I know the teacher I had asked for permission from turns up to the office telling fibs, saying she didn't actually give me permission to put the newspaper out around the school. I said coolly to this teacher that she did actually give me permission and that she had said she really liked it and thought it was 'marvelous'. In a rather flustered manner, she denied everything.

I said that the newspaper was 'just a bit of fun' and that the stories have to be exciting so people actually read the newspaper. The deputy head just got more angry then and said it was not acceptable, also mentioning how I can do a newspaper but only if it is checked and edited by a teacher. Forget it. No more newspaper. It was fun whilst it lasted. I don't want a teacher editing it and making it boring. No one wants to read a boring newspaper.

So it was all a bit disastrous, very short lived and quite frankly hilarious in the fact all the teachers, including the head teacher, got immensely cheesed off by it all.


  1. Hey, you have a cool blog. I don't usually post on TBC(apparently all my posts go to the bottom such shame), but I do moderate a cool group called Teenage Bloggers Unite. If you post TBU i'll be able to see your posts :)

    1. Ok, thanks! I shall be posting in TBU from now on :)