Monday, 6 March 2017

Music These Days... (A very Passionate Rant about the Music Industry, a Corrupt Generation and Ridiculous Artists)

Music these days is pretty rubbish. And I don't mean to sound like a 'special snowflake' or whatever but let's be honest here, it is a bit rubbish compared to previous generations. Ok, there is some great music out there and I'll respect it and listen to it, but there quite frankly isn't enough of that good music. The music on  radio 1... some rap with a rubbish generic beat with lyrics about going to the club and having a good time. Boring, stupid, already been done a thousand times. There's nothing unique... well there must be, but it's certainly not on the mainstream radio. Which leads me to the conclusion that people who have pure, raw talent and should be recognized for that talent aren't being recognized because ridiculous artists like Drake, Bieber, Grande, Swift and all the rest of them are taking the spotlight with music which (in my opinion) isn't even particularly good. Ok, it's catchy music but is it musical genius? Definitely not.

Why aren't people like the amazingly talented guitarists I've seen on Youtube getting recognition? Why aren't the unique singers who sing about things with meaning getting recognition? Why aren't the people with amazing instrumental experimentation and amazing song writing/ composing skills getting recognition? Maybe it's because the stupid bands and singers like Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, The 1975 are being supported by (mostly) young girls who think they are 'cool' and 'hot' and 'soo amazing'. No they really aren't. These girls should be listening to proper music! The music created by geniuses! The music with proper, meaningful lyrics! Not the music with lyrics about sexual objectification and first dates and kissing and having lovely sex. And it all has no musical experimentation, it's just monotone, always the same sort of instrumental backing or beat or whatever. This is really making me angry. All you girls and boys out there who are listening to this (insert swear word) need to broaden your music knowledge and your mind and find some proper band to listen to. Or pick up an electric guitar and start your own band, don't just listen to these artists who are swimming in the cash you spend on them because they are all you've ever heard on the radio so you think they are cool. Wow, I'm really going on a rant here aren't I? Well I've got reason to.

Music isn't what it used to be. The people with pure talent aren't being recognized. X Factor is (insert swear word here). It's not giving the proper artists a chance. All the mainstream stuff is fake, artificially made by people with big money record deals, producing the same old stuff with the same old beats that they know will make the charts because gullible people will listen to it. And then there are the music videos showing boobs and abs and ass and people with tops off just to get famous... what the bloody hell is happening to this society? Why do people feel the need to whip their top off for a music video? Why aren't there more music videos with a story or thought provoking images? It's shambolic. Shambolic! And I'm annoyed that the majority of adults think that teenagers like me actually like the music in the charts. No, I really don't. And I would much rather be growing up with the music you grew up with. Your music inspired a generation, the 60s, 70s and 80s may have been a bit corrupt but at least the music was a sort of way of rebellion, the youth rebelling against all the corruptness and alienation through the uniting and amazing thing that is music. I'm annoyed that other people my age listen to the mainstream artists and actually worship them like they are gods or goddesses when there are much better artists out there that need to be worshiped as they really are the musical geniuses with the real talent. No one likes a smartass, but we all like stars. And it all just goes to show how corrupt society is now.

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