Sunday, 23 April 2017

Eggcentric: An interview with artist Kirsty Cooper

Artist Kirsty Cooper looking cool and quirky

Last weekend I bumped into eccentric young artist Kirsty Cooper at a local exhibition aiming to celebrate and boost promising creative talent. I was looking at her painting 'egg 1', admiring it's slight absurdity when Kirsty appeared and we got talking. Kirsty's creativity shines through her conversations, her ideas are bursting with lively zest and fascinating concepts, this artist certainly has a lot of interesting things to say.

'Egg 1' by Kirsty Cooper

After asking what exactly her artwork is all about and her ideas behind them, she replied:

"the egg is an egg, born into the world, untouched, so pure. My art is like egg. It is egg".

After this reply I could see why some people may get the impression that Kirsty is slightly mad. But then again, geniuses are supposedly slightly bonkers, especially the ones in the art world.

Her latest art collection aims to contrast the egg, which is symbolic of pure nature, with the constructive ways of human kind.

"The egg is really just a metaphor for the pure nature of things and how we as a human race destroy these natural things as we are destructive by nature and just generally all wankers"

I found this funny and realized she was right, we are all just wankers.

'Egg drifting' by Kirsty Cooper

"So what inspires you to get creative?"

"I'll usually just be sat in my flat watching TV when a light bulb just goes off in my head. I'll just suddenly get ideas. They just come to me. Once I got an idea for a painting in a dream I had about a screaming elephant chasing me down an infinite white corridor"

It sounded like an interesting dream and I was thinking how much I would like to see the painting inspired by it but I soon asked her another few questions.

"Have you always been creative?"

"Yes, ever since I was really young. In first school I drew this really abstract drawing and it was really mad and colourful and the teachers were amazed by it for some reason. They then encouraged me to get into art as I enjoyed it, I was a messy kid, got paint all up the kitchen wall once and all over the dog. Don't know how I managed that!"

Kirsty and I bonded and I soon found myself sharing a couple of drinks with her and a few of her friends in the art world. After discussing my love of art, cartoons and illustrations with the creative crowd I asked Kirsty another question before we all got too pissed.

'Egg 2' by Kirsty Cooper

"What do you think about modern art?"

"Modern art is just really cool and abstract you know. Ok, some of it is a little too abstract for my eyes but the majority of it makes me think and really gets my attention. I go to the Tate Modern and I see art with paint splats and everything and I'm thinking a child could do that piece of rubbish! But there are some bloody brilliant artists out there now and they're all so inventive. Just the sight of all these inventive pieces makes me want to run into an abyss of paint and start creating the wackiest thing I can come up with"

Kirsty certainly has a point here. The times of intricate studies of bowls of fruit is essentially behind us and an influx of new innovative artists has arrived bringing colorful palettes, strange sculptures and rather abstract pieces to the forefront. Modern art isn't for everyone but it's got a certain zeal to it which allows you to escape from the rather bland routines and monotony of everyday life.

'Egg stubbed' by Kirsty Cooper

This young and gleaming artist with high hopes may soon be featured in the Tate Modern, so look out for her artwork!

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