Saturday, 16 September 2017

My Top 5 Films Part 2

1) There Will Be Blood
You've most probably heard of There Will Be Blood if you're a film fan. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson with an original score from none other than Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood, this film is packed full of talent, mostly from Daniel Day Lewis who plays a capitalist 'oil man' with greedy ambition. It's clear to see that Day Lewis put his heart and soul into this dramatized character and in every scene we see the man excel into the realm of acting brilliance. Paul Dano's character, a falsely prophesied man of the church, battles it out against Daniel to create an interesting contrast, these two egotistical characters fighting for success and money on their own terms in a story of death, religion, power and family. The high quality acting and cinematography coupled with the well fitted orchestral music creates a heart pounding intrigue in which your eyes won't be able to blink, let alone leave the screen.

2) The Lobster
Wildly bizarre and wickedly funny, The Lobster tells the story of a dystopian society where single people must find a mate within 45 days or be transformed into an animal of their choice. Essentially, it is a work of art, full to the brim with symbolism and eye catching visual brilliance carried off by an all star cast. The Lobster challenges the expectations of film (and society's preference of "happy", perhaps superficial couples), and creates an original story of love with hilariously mundane scenes in which the single characters cope and struggle through the illogical dystopia.  These illogical ways will make you smile and laugh, they will draw you in to this marvellous bundle of darkly comic scenes and make you ponder what will happen next. Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz end the film with a strangely satisfying scene that will leave you speculating.

3) Filth
James McAvoy radiates talent and pushes the boundaries of character as the misanthropic, manipulative and mentally unstable character in a film of twists, turns and brow raising scenes that will be sure to keep you captivated. It's fair to say the character has problems and lacks morality, even the opening scene more than hints at this and throughout the film you follow the character's road of self destructive behaviour and manipulative schemes to get a job promotion. You may even want to watch the film twice, just to see this unforgettable character in action once more. Darkly humoured at times, with loud, dirty scenes, this film goes from a horribly wrong display of careless amorality into a descent of pure madness that ends on an unforgettable twist which will leave you amazed.

4) Disco Pigs
The story of Pig and Runt, born on the same day in the same hospital, they lack the blood line but in their eyes they're twins and they're inseparable until their seventeenth birthday. The build up to this point is heart wrenchingly raw and brilliant, showing the extent of this relationship. Then the descent into madness kicks in and takes the viewers on an interesting, yet anxiously awaiting ride, following the two main characters who slowly lose the grip on their once unbreakable friendship, now turned fragile and wreaked with emotion as Cillian Murphy and Elaine Cassidy throw themselves into the minds of these psychologically suffering characters. The end will leave you feeling slightly empty inside, even annoyed that things escalated into such agonizing turmoil, but there's still a spark of luminescent hope that lights up the film.

5) Sightseers
A fantastically outlandish dark comedy, Sightseers will leave you chuckling away with a feeling of disturbance. In this film, two seemingly normal (they're really not) characters go on a caravan trip around the country. These two characters are used to being shoved around and treated like rubbish, and it's hilarious to see them plunge into subtle madness and commit horrifying acts which is made funny by the polite English manner they go about it all, it's this strange juxtaposition which is hilarious in itself . The scripted dialogue and acting is superb, as are the beautiful shots of the British isles. Macabre and violent, this film may leave you a little shocked (especially the ending) but I found that to be a positive factor as it makes it a brutally distinctive and unsettling piece of work, and one you're unlikely to forget.

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